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A guide to choosing the right senior boys trousers.

We offer a wide range of senior boys trouser sizes across two different styles:

Senior Boys Trouser - the classic boys school trouser with straight leg, slim but not skinny!

Sturdy Fit Trouser - generous fit with a shorter leg 

To choose the right size senior trousers for your child, you will need two measurements:

  • 1. Waist - for a comfortable fit and decide if you need sturdy fit or classic fit

Measure your child’s waist by finding the narrowest part of their torso; this is normally a couple of inches above their hip bone and often, but not always, in line with the bellybutton. If your child has no natural narrower part to their torso, take their waist measurement from about halfway between the bottom of their rib cage and the top of their hip bone. Pull the tape measure so it’s snug but not tight against their waist and make sure they’re not holding their breath! You don’t need to add anything to the measurement for comfort as good quality school uniform will be designed with a little bit of ‘ease’ included.

  • 2. Inside Leg - to decide if you require short, regular or long length

To take the inside leg measurement, ask your child to put on their school shoes and stand naturally. Run the tape measure down their inner leg, from their crotch to an inch or so above the ground where you’d like their trousers to finish. Try to ensure the tape measure is in a straight line, not wrapping around their leg, and don’t pull it too tight or they’ll end up with too-short, uncomfortable trousers.

Senior boys trousers & contemporary trouser
Waist Size (inch) Waist Size (cm) Inside Leg (inch) Inside Leg (cm) Age guide
22” 56cm 22” 56cm 6-7yrs
24” 61cm 24” 61cm 7-8yrs
25” 63.5cm 26” 66cm 9-10yrs
26” 66cm 27” 68.5cm 11yrs
27” 68.5cm 28” 71cm 12yrs
28S” 71cm 27” 68.5cm 13yrs
28” 71cm 29” 73.5cm
28L” 71cm 31” 78.5cm
29S” 73.5cm 29” 73.5cm 14yrs
29” 73.5cm 31” 78.5cm
30S” 73.5cm 30” 76cm 15-16yrs
30” 76cm 32” 81cm
30L” 76cm 34” 86cm
31S” 78.5cm 30” 76cm  
31” 78.5cm 32” 81cm
32S” 81cm 30” 76cm
32” 81cm 32” 81cm
32L” 81cm 34” 86cm
34S” 86cm 30” 76cm
34” 86cm 32” 81cm
34L” 86cm 34” 86cm
36” 91cm 32” 81cm
38” 96cm 32” 81cm
40” 101cm 32” 81cm


Senior boys sturdy fit trouser
Waist Size (inch) Waist Size (cm) Inside Leg (inch) Inside Leg(cm) Age guide
26” 66cm 21” 53.5cm 11yrs
27” 68.5cm 24” 61cm 12yrs
28” 71cm 25” 63.5cm 13yrs
29” 73.5cm 26” 66cm 14yrs
30” 76cm 27” 68.5cm 15-16yrs
31” 78.5cm 28” 71cm  
32” 81cm 28” 71cm
33” 83.5cm 28” 71cm
34” 86cm 28” 71cm
36” 91cm 29” 73.5cm
38” 96cm 29” 73.5cm
40” 101cm 29” 73,5cm
42” 107cm 32” 90cm
44” 112cm 32” 90cm
46” 117cm 32” 90cm
48” 122cm 32” 90cm
50” 127cm 32” 90cm

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